Awesome Pop Culture Pins That Are Just Plain Perfect

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When it comes to showing off your love of pop culture, cool pins offer an inexpensive and minimalist display of dedication to your favorite fandoms and celebrities. While graphic T-shirts lose their vibrancy with each wash and posters take up a ton of wall space, enamel pins and cool buttons remain shiny and require only a square inch of room. Before anyone ever even logged into Pinterest, pins for backpacks and jean jackets provided the OG method of showing off your unique aesthetic vision. Using just pin buttons, you can assemble a vast collection of cultural references on a single bag or jean jacket. Arranging pop culture pins into decorative collages provides a visual diagram of your interests, letting you show off your love of politics, video games, and music all in one place. It's like crossover fanfiction, except less messy.

Most divisive: Ata-Boy Inigo Montoya