The Best Pop Songs About Death

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This list of pop songs about death is ranked from the best to the worst by music fans and pop music aficionados. This list has all the best pop songs about death and even includes each song's music video. Though death and dying are sad subjects, they are part of life and these pop songs may even help you through a tough time. What are the best pop songs about death?

This list features most popular pop songs about death. The songs that are featured on this list, and await your votes include "42" by Coldplay, "Heaven" by Beyonce, "Afterlife" by Arcade Fire, and "Getting Late" by Rob Thomas.

Which of these good pop songs about death have comforted you during a hard time? Vote them up and vote down any death and dying songs that you think aren't any good. Is your favorite pop song about the death of a loved one not included below? Add it for others to vote on as well.
Most divisive: Where the Wild Roses Grow
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