The Best Pop Songs About Kissing

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Pucker up! Here's our list featuring the best pop songs about kissing. Kissing has been a popular topic of pop music for decades. From first kisses to kiss offs, every kind of smooch has been immortalized with music. Some of these pop songs reference kissing in the titles, but others mention kissing, Frenching, making out, or pecking someone on the cheek in the lyrics.

Early Beatles songs' were often about young love and first kisses. One of the Fab Four's best songs about kissing is, “All My Loving,” featuring the lyrics, “I'll pretend that I'm kissing/The lips I am missing/And hope that my dreams will come true. Perhaps the most iconic pop song about kissing is “Kiss” by Prince. This song is an unfiltered ode to locking lips. Beyonce, Pink and Michael Jackson all have some of the top kissing songs, as well.

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