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14 Popular Ships For Akatsuki Members, Ranked

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If you're a Naruto fan who loves the Akatsuki, you might have thought about what kinds of romantic relationships you'd prefer to see the members in. For this list, we're going to explore some of the more popular Akatsuki ships out there. Some involve Akatsuki members who are already work partners, like Deidara and Sasori. Others involve one Akatsuki member and one person who has nothing to do with the organization, like Obito and Rin.

Alongside these ships, we're also showcasing some fabulous fanart - please make sure to check out these artists and support them.

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    Yahiko x Konan

    Photo: Warb1rd

    Yahiko and Konan are almost canon. Prior to Yahiko's passing, the two of them had a deep personal connection: they repeatedly risked their lives to protect each other and further the Akatsuki's original peace-keeping goals. Also, the series repeatedly hints that something romantic might have blossomed between the two of them: Nagato telling Yahiko that he thinks Konan likes him, Yahiko getting upset when other people flirt with Konan, and so on. 

    Because Yahiko passes away before their relationship can fully develop, it remains semi-canon, but fans of this pairing still think about what might have been. 

    Art by Warb1rd

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    Obito x Rin

    Photo: kanzzzaki

    This one has an obvious canon basis - Obito Uchiha explicitly had a crush on Rin Nohara when they were on Minato's genin team. Unfortunately, their budding relationship ended in tragedy: Obito was crushed under a boulder and nursed back to health by his ancestor, who brainwashed him into participating in an evil scheme by orchestrating Rin's demise. With canon as it is, the two can't possibly be together - but in fandom, anything goes. Some fans want to imagine a world where the two of them got to be happy together. Also, canon does imply that they meet up again in the afterlife. 

    Art by kanzzzaki

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    Itachi Uchiha x Izumi Uchiha

    Photo: Lesya7

    Izumi Uchiha is a member of Itachi's clan, though not a direct relative of his. The two became friends, and Izumi developed romantic feelings for Itachi. While he said that he couldn't return those feelings, it's entirely possible that he was simply too preoccupied, and could have under other circumstances. 

    Izumi is the first member of the clan that Itachi destroys - he hopes that if he takes her down first, the rest of the clan will be easier. Before he does, he puts her under a powerful genjutsu that lets her live a full and happy life within a few short seconds. That life involved marriage and children with Itachi. She thanked him for giving her a beautiful illusory life, and forgave him for taking her real one. 

    Art by Lesya7

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    Deidara x Kurotsuchi

    Kurotsuchi is an Iwagakure ninja who eventually becomes the Tsuchikage. Her exact relationship with Deidara isn't known, but she clearly has some kind of emotional connection to him. When he originally disappeared from Iwagakure, she was upset about it. She refers to him as 'Deidara-nii.' This is short for 'onii-san' or 'older brother.' This could mean something decidedly unromantic - he's an older male relative or even her older brother. However, the term is also used as a sign of respect. Finally, Kurotsuchi expresses a desire to destroy the person who took Deidara's life, implying that she cares a lot about him even though by that point he's betrayed her village and the government she works for. 

    Deidara never expresses any particular feelings towards Kurotsuchi, so that part is up to the fans to decide.

    Art by Kaoyux

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