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14 Popular Ships For Akatsuki Members, Ranked

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If you're a Naruto fan who loves the Akatsuki, you might have thought about what kinds of romantic relationships you'd prefer to see the members in. For this list, we're going to explore some of the more popular Akatsuki ships out there. Some involve Akatsuki members who are already work partners, like Deidara and Sasori. Others involve one Akatsuki member and one person who has nothing to do with the organization, like Obito and Rin.

Alongside these ships, we're also showcasing some fabulous fanart - please make sure to check out these artists and support them.

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    Kakuzu x Hidan

    Photo: same-clone

    Kakuzu and Hidan are partners in the Akatsuki, but they act like they can't stand each other. Hidan thinks that Kakuzu is an overly controlling jerk, while Kakuzu thinks that Hidan is an idiot who is constantly screwing up their plans with his impulsive desires.

    But despite their constant sniping at each other, the two do seem to appreciate each other to a degree. Both seem confident that the other will support them in battle, and are totally willing to be supportive themselves. They just complain about it. That's exactly what makes them so appealing as a couple for some fans. Not every shipper wants their ships sweet - some want a whole lot of spice. 


    Art by same-clone

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    Deidara x Sasori

    Photo: Kaoyux

    Deidara and Sasori are partners in the Akatsuki, but there are plenty of fans who see them as partners in more ways than one. The two do argue a lot, but Deidara appears to hold Sasori in high esteem, both as a fighter and as an artist. The latter is what most of their arguments are about: both of them have very different viewpoints about what makes great art. Sasori seems to view Deidara with less respect and more irritation, but there's no reason why that can't change - especially in fanfiction dedicated to their relationship. 

    Art by Kaoyux

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    Konan x Nagato

    Photo: Kazaharya

    After Yahiko passed, Konan and Nagato had to keep running the Akatsuki on their own. The vibe shifted dramatically from altruistic missions to a villainous plot that involved destroying Konoha. This was ultimately supposed to create peace, but at a huge cost. This was mostly Nagato - now called Pain's - idea, but Konan supported him unconditionally and did everything she could to help.

    The two trust each other implicitly and love one another deeply. Some fans interpret their feelings as familial, but others see it as romantic. Either way, these two characters are at the center of each others' lives. 

    Art by Kazaharya

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    Kisame x Itachi

    Photo: MarsyEl

    Kisame and Itachi are partners throughout most of the series, so they end up spending a good deal of time together. The two share similar backstories: both were formerly patriotic ninja who did the best they could to support their nation, but ended up becoming disillusioned after a series of traumatic events that showed them the dark underbelly of their home. 

    Besides a common experience to connect them, the two seem to respect each other greatly, and work effectively together on missions. When Kisame passes away, his last thoughts are about whether or not he was worth it in Itachi's eyes. Clearly, their bond was a powerful one, whether or not you personally see it as romantic. 

    Art by MarsyEl

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