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The Most Popular Memes Within the Anime Community

Updated 14 Nov 2017 15.3k votes 3.0k voters 97.4k views15 items

Memes make the online world go round. When it comes to creating these Internet gems, anime fans don't waste a minute creating hilarious image macros or videos based on their favorite series. It's impossible to browse Reddit, Twitter, or Tumblr without encountering an anime meme or three. With so many anime memes out there in the wild, it's hard to keep track of them all. Some memes have been around for so long it's hard to remember where they even originated from.

Not to fret as this list has collected 15 of the most popular anime memes from every outstanding anime community. Which anime community meme is your favorite? Vote for the ones that bring the biggest smile on your face. 

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