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The Best Anime Girls: Who Is The Internet's Waifu In 2019?

2019 has been a great year for amazing anime ladies. This list takes a look at the best waifus of 2019 - at least, the best ones from the first half of the year. From beloved returning characters like Mikasa Ackerman and Tohru Honda to new characters like Kaguya Shinomiya and Carole, there are tons of amazing anime girls and women who are total waifu material. 

A few of the top female anime characters were left off of this list because of their age - since the premise is characters who are waifu material, characters like Emma and Hitori Bocchi, who aren't even teenagers yet, will be excluded, despite their popularity. Also, one of the most beloved female characters of the year has been Haru, the cat from My Roommate is a CatUnless you're also a cat, she's more like pet material.

Which anime girl is your favorite? Vote them up to let the world know which waifu deserves the top slot.