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The Most Popular Electronic Music Genres, Ranked

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Although electronic music seems like a relatively new genre, it has actually been around for decades. It first started to grow in popularity in the 1960s with greater access to affordable musical instruments, such as synthesizers. It wasn't long until the genre began to impact pop and rock music, and soon, entire songs were developed entirely electronically. With everyone having a computer these days, now anyone can become an electronic music superstar. As this list of electronic music genres shows, there are plenty of ways to create songs within this medium. 

Do you know what the difference between trance and ambient is? If you listened to two of these type of songs back-to-back, you'd certainly start to hear the nuances. Dozens of electronic music genres are on this list, and each entry is accompanied by a music video. Watch and listen to the song to get a sense for what each genre is all about.

How many of these types of electronic music are you familiar with? How many sound like someone is writing in a foreign language? Vote for your favorite EDM subgenres, but keep an open mind. You may just discover a new type of music you didn't even know existed before!

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