14 Fan Theories About Popular Horror TV Shows

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While horror TV shows continue to grow in popularity, it's inevitable that people are beginning to theorize about the shows. These Redditors have come up with a number of fan theories for some of the most popular horror shows to have ever been released.

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    'The Twilight Zone' - True Origin Of The Show

    From Redditor u/FuzzyWuzzy3:

    In the final episode of season 1 of The Twilight Zone, "A World of His Own," we are introduced to Gregory West who has the ability to make the characters in his plays come to life. At the end of the episode, you find out that Rod Serling was one of these characters. This begs the question, is each episode of The Twilight Zone one of West's plays? This may sound a bit far fetched but hear me out. Every episode I can think if but one (I'll get to that one in a moment) ends with a twist and some evil or in some way messed up characters.

    Is the reason the episodes always end this way because these characters came to visit Gregory West which led him to burn the tapes before he could add a happy ending to the plays (not that I'm complaining about the twisted endings; they're my favorite part of the show). This makes even more sense if you think about the one episode that does have a happy ending that I mentioned before. The last episode the the show, "The Bewitchin' Pool." I believe the reason this is the last episode is because Gregory finally created a story with, for the most part, good characters. Therefore, he didn't have to worry about evil characters coming to visit him. After this story, I think West finally had enough of his own characters coming after him so he stopped making plays. 

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  • From Redditor u/jax9999:

    Most slayers are taken from their parents at a very young age and trained by their watcher until they are ready to become the slayer. They are given training, and centuries of tradition to be a lone warrior against the vampires.

    Except for Buffy. She missed out on all of the training and rules, and isolation that comes with it. She was left to grow to almost adulthood before she even discovered she was a slayer.

    Usually there are probably a few potential slayers, let's say 30 or so. That's more than enough to keep a few years worth of slayers on the ready.

    But because of the actions of Buffy all the potential slayers were called, and they lost a lot of them during the fight with the first.

    I think the reason that buffy missed out on the training and so on was because of her battle with the first. The slayer force knew it was going to be making a lot of slayers for the battle with the first and a lot would die. So it made more than usual amount of potential slayers. This led to Buffy being lost in the shuffle, which also led to her being the first slayer able to reject the centuries of traditions about slayers being solitary hunters. which let her live and be more successful than any other slayer, which led to her activating the full slayer line... and that loops back to why she was able to do it.

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  • From Redditor u/pannicked:

    The Creature was madly in love with Brona Croft / Lilly in the original Penny Dreadful and the same actor is now portraying a character named Craft. So , given he was created by Dr. Frankenstein and we don’t have a clue about his life expectancy, could Peter Craft be The Creature, choosing a similar name to Brona’s to feel closer to a dream of his? Also, the fact that he is a doctor could explain how he got rid of his scars. 

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  • 'The Haunting Of Hill House' - The Black Mold
    Photo: The Haunting of Hill House/Netflix

    From Redditor u/CyberToaster:

    Ok, so this might seem a little out there, and it doesn't really change the root concept of the show, but I've had this in my head for a while now.

    The house isn't evil, it is just a shell for some sort of ancient parasitic life form. The Black Mold is like a Venus Flytrap for humans

    So we know a few things. We know that black mold is hazardous to your health, we know it can cause a whole range of mental and biological side-effects. People report apparitions, shadows, and weird dreams in cases of severe mold. My theory is, all the black mold in the house is a single entity, one that is very similar to mold, maybe even some sort of ancient or extra-dimensional creature modern black mold evolved from. This entity has been allowed to take root in the home unchecked for centuries. It is of a higher dimension, and as such, can reach down into time to manipulate its prey. 

    Read the full theory here.

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  • 'Supernatural' - Existence Of Jesus
    Photo: The CW

    From Redditor u/kimothyj1999:

    While I am unaware of if anyone else may have had this occur to them, devoting the majority of my spare time to Supernatural has led me to believe that perhaps Sam and/or Dean may be Jesus.

    1. Their Mother's name is Mary. I know it may seem like a slightly aloof reason, considering that there are many more out there named Mary and obviously not all of them can birth Jesus.
    2. They are literally saving the world? Jesus is frequently referred to as the savior. This could easily be a link I guess.
    3. They just wont stay dead. As said by the practically every reaper or supernatural entity that meets the two of them. Its seemingly impossible to keep them dead..
    4. God. He loves these guys... he wont stop doting on them and even though they spend an awful lot of time killing his creations, he forgives them without any second thought.

    Next one is a massive spoiler if you've not seen season 13

           5. It could explain why everything abnormal gravitates toward them... I mean honestly, what kind of person goes from taking out a couple vamps once in a while to an all out war between demons, humans, angels and a nephilim? These guys didn't even know whether to believe in demons and angels a few seasons ago!


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    'American Horror Story' - Ten Commandments Killer Theory

    From Redditor u/Akhaml09:

    The most important, unanswered question is why is the Countess stealing children? Is it because one, or both, of their parents have broken one of the Ten Commandments? Is the killer actually a she?

    We don't know very much about Will Drake, although we do know that he is gay. So that disqualifies the notion that his midwestern values have led him to attack people who have broken one of the Ten Commandments... but what about his son? His son seems rather comfortable in the Hotel Cortez and he tells his father that "he's made some friends." How are the children connected?

    For the most part, the children seem to stick together. What was Wren doing alone with the killer in each of the murders? Was she really alone?

    Countess' motive to kidnap each child stems from the Ten Commandments. So far, we've seen the back story for two children.

    The Ten Commandments Killer is Will Drake's son acting on behalf of the children under the Countess' command.

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