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20 Everyday Items From The Victorian Era Vs. How They Look Today

April 16, 2020 198.8k views20 items
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Queen Victoria (1819-1901) ruled for more than six decades during the 19th century. Her reign - not only as the Queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland but also as Empress of India - is characterized by the invention and innovation of the Industrial Revolution, massive social and political reforms brought on by urbanization, and the global dominance of the British Empire.

It may be a surprise to discover that what you use today even had a Victorian counterpart. Many of the popular things from the Victorian Era are still in use today, adapted over the 20th century.

Other Victorian items reveal the legacy of the era, offering a glipse into some of your favorite possessions and how they were used a century ago.

Take a look at some popular Victorian stuff and see how it matches up to everyday items you see now.