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Hugely Popular Movies That Originally Flopped

Updated 5 Feb 2020 30.2k views16 items

They were dismissed, overlooked, and unappreciated upon release, yet these now-hugely popular movies eventually made their way into becoming hits, many developing a cult following, and now even those with the lowest box office numbers initially are now widely admired by the masses.

It can be difficult to understand why good films fail at first, but some of Hollywood's greatest movies and cult hits were once box office flops. Many have more than made up for their less-than-stellar start through online streaming, repeated showings on television, and DVD sales.

No film is immune to bombing at the box office, and some of the greatest films created were greeted by empty theaters and poor reviews by critics, and there’s plenty of great movies that have flopped in Hollywood history that turned their initial failures to long-term acclaim.

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