Everyone's Favorite New Celebrities of 2018

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Vote up the celebrities who hit the scene in 2018 and deserve more than 15 minutes of fame.

Plenty of famous faces appear all across your screens on a daily basis, and in 2018, when even zoo animals are celebrities, a whole new crop of fresh and popular new celebrities are geared up to steal the spotlight this year. From the stars of 2018's best films to the voices behind 2018's greatest albums, these rising stars are making their names known - your mom might have even heard of them by now!

Whether they just entered the music scene, worked their way up the cinematic ladder, or landed a flawless triple Lutz, these cool new celebrities bring an invigorating twist to the well-worn conventions of stardom. Not only do these fresh faces usher in a new era of talent, they also set the bar for the stars of future generations who will someday follow in their footsteps.

Who do you think are the best new celebrities of 2018? Who's the most interesting, the most talented, and has the most staying-power? Vote up the stars who are most deserving of the Best New Celebrity title! Then, see who deserves to be a household name in 2019.

Photo: Tanvi Yenna / krui.fm
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