What Was The Most Popular Song The Year You Were Born?

Nostalgia is so big these days that artists and fans alike are looking back to throwback tunes for big inspiration. But what were the biggest media moments from your birth year? From 1976's funky classic "Silly Love Songs," sung by Paul McCartney's side project Wings, to The Bangles' ubiquitous hit "Walk Like An Egyptian" from 1986, here is the best of what was on the radio the year you were born.

Some millennials might not even remember the most popular song the year you were born. That's in stark contrast to everyone who remembers dirty dancing to Next's 1998 slow jam "Too Close" or doing the "Macarena" dance endlessly in the mirror in 1996. If you don't know what the biggest song the year you were born was, find out the biggest hit songs from your birth year now!