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Face it, when it comes to solid taste, majority doesn't always rule. It's time to take a good long look at popular things that are lame. No matter how many people may nerd out over 3D movies, '90s nostaliga, eating sushi, and listening to podcasts, are these things really that cool? At the very least, these things are not for everyone. It's time to be honest and admit to all the popular things that just don't do it for you. 

If you spend any time on the Internet, you know you're supposed to love the '90s, bacon, and cats. But do you? Maybe not! So let's all be honest for a moment and admit that there are some popular things that we're just not interested in. Whether it's a trend you actively don't like, or an activity that you just don't care about at all, let us know below. 

Vote up the things that are overrated and simply not interesting. And if you can think of any more popular things that suck - in your opinion - add them to the list! Chances are if you're not into them, someone else out there agrees with you.

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    The Kardashians

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    Instagram Influencers

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    Selfies with Overseas Orphans

    When people do this, it is not in good taste. Children aren't props.

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    Sagging Pants

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    Duck Face