The Most Popular TikTok Boys Of 2022

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The most famous TikTok boys of 2022 draw in millions of followers with every new video. From comical skits and dance videos from stars like Noah Beck to alternative rocker LILHUDDY, the most successful TikTok users not only live on the platform as consistently cool or funny influencers, but ultimately use the app for progressing their music and/or acting careers and growing fan bases. 

The most popular male TikTokers know about every song before it drops, bring in hundreds of millions of views annually across their short-form content, and are attractive, to boot. Gen Z social media personalities Payton Moormeier and Josh Richards are also some of the famous boy TikTokers of 2022, and they love to collab with the most popular TikTokers who are women.

Vote for your favorite TikTok men below, and be sure to vote based on the quality of their videos, rather than just their popularity or number of followers. Then check back to see if your favorite TikTokers topped the list of most popular TikTok accounts run by men. 

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