Aporgable Fan Art That Will Make You Wish Porgs Were Real

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No matter how divided fans may be over Episode VIII, all viewers can agree the porgs in Star Wars: The Last Jedi transcended things like plot threads or character development because they're just so freakin' cute. Created by digitally altering the puffins which would show up during filming, the porgs are one of the best new things added to the Star Wars canon. Evidence of porg-friendly views comes up all across the Internet in the form of porg fan art.

Fan art of porgs from Star Wars puts these little sci-fi snowballs into all sorts of mediums from digital art to embroidery. From Harry Potter to Stranger Things, adorable porg fan art puts these freshly famous characters into other solidified series; it appears that, unlike Jar Jar, people want the porgs to play a part in the Star Wars universe.

The Star Wars porg fan art below is as cute and fun as the little space creatures that inspired it. Among the many porg portraits and porg mashups is sure to be something to fill you with all the feels until the next Star Wars film comes out.

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    Furry Companions

    Furry Companions
    Photo: MayTheForceBeWithYou / DeviantArt

    MayTheForceBeWithYou lets Wookies and Porgs join forces in the best possible way.

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    'I'm The Captain Now'

    'I'm The Captain Now'
    Photo: BrianJMurphy / DeviantArt

    BrianJMurphy shows everyone what's really going on inside BB8.

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    Detailed Portrait

    Detailed Portrait
    Photo: Lethal-Chris / DeviantArt

    LethalChris uses markers to create this detailed portrait of a porg.

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    Skywalker And His Friends

    Skywalker And His Friends
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Sketches_by_Lexie shows that even the strongest Jedis are powerless to the Porg's cuteness.

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    Porgs Just Wanna Have Fun

    Porgs Just Wanna Have Fun
    Photo: ktshy / DeviantArt

    Ktshy lets Rey unwind with a few small friends.

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    Chewbacca And Porgs


    A post shared by IGGY STARPUP (@iggystarpup) on


    Iggystarpup embroidered these pieces featuring everyone's favorite Star Wars creatures, new and old.