List of Famous Bands from Portland

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Only bands and artists from Portland, Oregon.

This list of Portland musicians includes both famous bands and solo artists, as well as many Portland indie musicians of underground status. Widely known as the home of alternative rock, the picturesque Oregon city takes pride in its native singers and groups, ranging from The Decemberists to Elliott Smith. If a band has cool hair cuts and sings about tress, chances are that they're featured below and based in Portland. Portland has its fair share of rock, pop, punk, metal, hip-hop, and jazz bands throughout its history. From hipster rock to lo-fi folk, this list contains a plethora of niche subgenres, as well as the mainstream pop, punk, hip hop, country, metal, and even jazz. 

If you're wondering, "what bands are from Portland?" or "who are the best Portland singers?" then look no further! Check out the local, talented Portlandian musicians below, and be sure to visit their discography lists as well. 

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