Weird Nature These Freaky, Incredibly Poisonous Portuguese Man O' Wars Are Flooding Beaches In Droves  

Rebecca High

Dangerous Portuguese man o' wars have been washing up onto a beach in Cornwall, UK at an alarming rate, as this video reveals.

The Portuguese man o' war is actually a species of siphonophore, an animal closely related to the jellyfish (but it's not a jellyfish). The animal is a colony of identical organisms working together as one and they often float in flees, reportedly even seen in legions of more than 1,000.

They look like ugly, harmlessly floating blobs at first, but hidden beneath the surface of the water are tentacles up to 160 feet long and polyps that pack a painful punch. Though not typically lethal to humans, they can cause deep rashes and vicious welts upon contact. You definitely don't want to find yourself swimming through a mass of them.

But the Portuguese man o' war remains dangerous even on shore, as these UK beach-goers learned. Watch the video to see these eerie creatures bizarrely entering the world outside their natural habitat. Is this just one more effect of global climate change? An attack of the aliens? The end times?