Graveyard Shift Demonic Possessions Caught on Tape  

Katherine Ripley
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Do you believe in ghosts? What about demonic possession? What if you had seen evidence with your own eyes? This list is full of possessions caught on tape. Some of the victims are possessed by ghosts, and some are possessed by demons. Some of the videos depict exorcisms.

It's impossible to know for sure whether these incidents are real or staged, or if the afflicted person has something else wrong with them, like a seizure disorder or mental illness. These videos certainly look like real demonic possession, though. If any of these folks are merely acting, they deserve an Oscar.

So now do you think demonic possessions are real? Vote for the video on this list that you find the most convincing - and good luck sleeping tonight.  

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Exorcism of the Real-Life Emily Rose

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Video: YouTube

This brief clip features audio from the exorcism of Anneliese Michel, a young German woman who some believe was the real-life inspiration for the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Michel was diagnosed with epilepsy and depression in her teens, and her "possession" was probably the result of mental illness. The exorcism that was supposed to save her ended up killing her instead.

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Man Possessed in a Convenience Store

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Video: YouTube
This footage also appears to come from a security camera. It shows a man buying a drink in a convenience store, when he suddenly begins jerking violently and shrieking. At the end of the video, after the man passes out on the floor, an eerie shadow appears to move in the reflection of the glass refrigerator door.
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Possessed Woman on a Bus in Argentina

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Video: YouTube
This video depicts a woman on a bus rolling and jerking her head around while she speaks in a bizarre demonic voice. The other passengers on the bus fled because they were so terrified.
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Possessed Girl Found in Subway Station

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Video: YouTube
This YouTuber claims to have found and recorded a possessed young woman in a San Francisco subway station. Beware: the video is extremely disturbing. The woman is covered in blood and appears to stab herself in her genitals with a pencil. The video cuts off when she chases the guys with the camera. There's no indication of what happened next.