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People Reveal The Times They Questioned If They Were Talking To A Serial Killer

Social interaction is often a difficult road to tread. With so many types of people and cultures in the world, interacting with strangers can be a complicated experience. Sometimes, however, these day-to-day experiences devolve from complicated to downright creepy. Perhaps a child acts sweet with most people but hostile towards you, or maybe a strange man is insistent on wanting you to model for him. People’s intentions are often a mystery, but sometimes they seem objectively terrifying.

These experiences thoroughly creeped out those who lived through them, and they took to Reddit to share their less-than-pleasant encounters with people they suspect just might be serial killers.

  • He Loved Killing Animals At Summer Camp

    From Redditor /u/Krazy-Kat15:

    As a high schooler, I met a kid at a summer camp who really enjoyed [offing] things. It was beyond just hunting or liking to hunt; he'd step on frogs and spiders, he'd [take out] salamanders, he actually got in trouble for [offing] a turtle we found. Nobody liked him, he wasn't exactly very nice, but that blatant enjoyment of [suffering] really creeped me out. It was kind of a joke around camp that he'd turn out to be a serial killer one day, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

  • She Asked Them How Often They Thought About Ending People

    From Redditor /u/MythieV:

    A teenager once asked me if I’d fantasised about [offing] someone. When I said, “Only if they chew loudly," she replied, “I do, to everyone I meet. Do you want to know how you’d [go]?”

  • He Took Way Too Many Photos Of Strangers

    From Redditor /u/Much_Difference:

    One family reunion, a distant cousin brought a friend of theirs. The two were heading to a vacation, and the reunion was on the way there, plus bringing an extra, unrelated person wasn't totally out of the ordinary.

    The guy spent the entire time taking A LOT of photos of EVERYONE and kept mumbling about how his friends back home won't believe he met "so many beautiful people." Not candids, either; I'm talking like, "Hey, everyone at this table, stand up so I can get a photo. Okay, now just one with you. Okay, now one with just the men," etc. Tons of these. This was around 2000, so it was with an actual camera, and he wasn't offering to send anyone else the photos later. Just a super unsettling guy, and I still wonder what he did with all those photos.

  • He Talked In Detail About His Escapades In Combat

    From Redditor /u/travelstuffdump:

    This guy who used to come into the place I worked. He was an ex-Navy Seal apparently, and [he] gave off a distinctly creepy, short-tempered vibe. He was friends with my boss and would tell him stories about "clearing oil rigs in the Gulf War." Said he would [take] their kneecaps out... then [blast] their heads when they fell. He was happy to tell people about it, too.

    And just general weird sh*t, like he would disappear and ghost my boss for months, and then come back and say he'd been away "on business." And he would walk around his neighborhood after hurricanes (FL) with a [sidearm] to "stop looters." Creepy dude. Bad vibes. Weird stories.