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Totally Possible Steven Universe Fan Theories

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Filled with hyper-magical space rocks and an expansive terrain of intergalactic turf wars, there's no wondering how or why Steven Universe has accumulated a mass of devoted followers and fans. What does a drove of dedicated sci-fi cartoon nerds come with? A mass of crystal gem theories, of course! As the show slowly uncovers, shatters, and reworks its entire story, Steven Universe theories soar through the stars in search of the truth behind the Rose Quartz, the diamonds, and the crystal gems.

During the ongoing war between Homeworld and Earth, massive weapons are revealed, terrifying technology makes its ominous presence, and magical, mind-bending powers are exposed. Without a doubt, fan theories about Steven Universe prove to be just as elaborate as the storyline itself, taking both important and blatantly obvious parts of the world's lore and stringing them together with more subtle hints and bits of foreshadowing to make sense of what's really going on. 


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