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Filled with hyper-magical space rocks and an expansive terrain of intergalactic turf wars, there's no wondering how or why Steven Universe has accumulated a mass of devoted followers and fans. What does a drove of dedicated sci-fi cartoon nerds come with? A mass of crystal gem theories, of course! As the show slowly uncovers, shatters, and reworks its entire story, Steven Universe theories soar through the stars in search of the truth behind the Rose Quartz, the diamonds, and the crystal gems.

During the ongoing war between Homeworld and Earth, massive weapons are revealed, terrifying technology makes its ominous presence, and magical, mind-bending powers are exposed. Without a doubt, fan theories about Steven Universe prove to be just as elaborate as the storyline itself, taking both important and blatantly obvious parts of the world's lore and stringing them together with more subtle hints and bits of foreshadowing to make sense of what's really going on. 


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Steven's Gem Can't Be Removed

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Steven Universe and his gem are a waking enigma. Neither humans nor gems really know how he's put together. Since he's essentially a walking human/gem hybrid, can that fancy gem sticking out of his bellybutton even be removed? If it gets yanked out, what happens next? Will Steven regenerate afterwards? Will Rose regenerate instead? Will Steven just straight up die since he's part human? Redditor Codename13 suggests that Steven's body is like the mirror Lapis was stuck in - if it's removed, Rose will regenerate and Steven will die.

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White Diamond Created All Other Diamonds

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White diamond is void of all color because she has been drained of all of the valuable parts of herself. The White Diamond we have seen is only a shell, as she has divided her personality into the other colors - Yellow, Blue, and Pink. Since the gems are able to fuse, this would simply work as the opposite of fusion for her. ChannelFrederator goes in depth about emotion ranges and personality traits that contribute to the diamonds, their powers, and their places on the color spectrum.

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Gems Speak In English And Write In Their Native Language

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BidGem debates the linguistics of the gems, and why some can understand English, and some can't. He speculates that all gems speak English, and any gem that says that they can't is just exposing a prejudice towards humans. While they do have their own gem language, they only use that language for their writings.

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White Diamond Isn't A Gem At All

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According to Redditor Realshow, White Diamond might not even be a gem at all. According to him, White Diamond created a persona (much like Pink Diamond) and has been lying to the other gemstones about their creation and existence. Even though she created the entire gem race, White Diamond is actually a biological creature, hiding her true identity from the diamonds and gems. Tumblr user angrygreenpie suggests another theory, saying that White Diamond is a star.

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