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The Best Post-Apocalyptic Comics On ComiXology To Binge Read

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Do you think the end times are nigh? If you so, you should check out these post-apocalyptic and dystopian comic books that are available on comiXology. They are currently offering a ComiXology Unlimited membership free for 60 days! Don't sleep on this offer so you can start binging on the best comic books about dystopian futures and post-apocalyptic wastelands. There are series on here with several trade paperback volumes ready to be read back-to-back such as East of West, Lola XOXO, and Loving Dead. There are also more grounded comics such as Savage Highway and Undiscovered Country which was co-written by Scott Snyder and Charles Soule. But which one of these is the best? You get to help decide with your votes.

The beauty of this list is that you can vote up more than one. So vote up all your favorite comic one-shots, graphic novels, and comic books about dimsal futures and dystopian societies that way other members will know what to read next.  Then be sure to check back and see which one of your selections makes it to the top of the list.

  • Photo: East of West / Image Comics

    You haven't read a post-apocalyptic western like this before. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse freely roam the Earth which means it's nearing the twilight for humanity. With this being the case, humanity's last and best hope lies with death. You've got to check out this thrilling series that is ready for you to binge on with four trade paperbacks ready to read on comiXology.

    Writer: Jonathan Hickman

    Arist: Nick Dragotta, Frank Martin Jr. (colors)

    Publisher: Image Comics 

    Available Issues: TPB Volumes #1-4

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  • Photo: Hulk: Future Imperfect / Marvel Comics

    Everyone suspected that Hulk would be the last superhero at the end of times but no one thought it would be this horrific. He rules the future with an iron fist as Maestro but a band of rebels finds a way to reach into the past to enlist the help of the only person who could defeat him. Hulk must square off with himself in this incredible post-apocalyptic vision of the future from Marvel Comics.

    Writer: Peter David

    Artist: Dale Keown, George Perez

    Publisher: Marvel

    Available Issues: #1-2

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  • Photo: Winterworld / IDW

    The future isn't only cold, it's frozen! This apocalyptic narrative from acclaimed writer Chuck Dixon and incredible artist Butch Guice follows Cully and Wynn, who leave their home of Wintersea. From there all the find is an icy killing field that they must try and survive.

    Writer: Chuck Dixon

    Artist: Butch Guice

    Publisher: IDW

    Available Issues: #0-6

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  • Photo: Goliath Girls / Shadow Valley

    There is a strong theme of friendship in this tale of city and monsters. Zelda, Eunice, and Juliet are best friends who are also orphans of the Kaiju Generation, but they also have a baby Goliath of their own. They are seeking the one rumored to be able to stop the Forever War that is their reality, "The King of All Goliaths". Be sure to check out this exciting comiXology original as soon as you get the chance.

    Writer: Sam Humphries

    Artist: Miralti Firmansyah

    Publisher: Shadow Valley

    Available Issues: #1-5

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