12 Fan Theories Where Innocent Franchises Actually Take Place In A Post-Apocalyptic Future

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Dark sides exist everywhere, even within some of our favorite franchises. Redditors are now coming up with radical apocalyptic fan theories revolving around popular movie and television franchises.

Some of the theories are more plausible than others. However, all of them contain some shocking ideas that could make any media fan quiver. 

  • From Redditor u/Sassacre:

    ...My theory is that after the apocalypse, squids became mutated by radiation and eventually became sentient and capable of speech via evolution. The radiation also affected the human race, as the vast majority of human characters, such as the sheriff and his assistant, have physical deformities.

    Other humans have even seemingly gained powers from the radiation, such as Thunderclap, a wrestler who had the ability to create sonic blasts...

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  • The 'Teletubbies' Are Part Of A Hierarchical Cannibalistic Society
    Photo: BBC Two

    From Redditor u/HCC24:

    The Teletubbies are displayed as simple beings, and the first clue that cannibalism is involved is their breakfast: they eat something called tubby toast which comes out of seemingly nowhere - the thing that sparked this idea was because I read a science fiction book in which the people living on a post-apocalyptic kind-earth believed that if they were deemed worthy of continuing the human race or they reached a certain age, they would be taken to these cities built as rings above and around the earth's atmosphere, but the reason they were taken to the cities was to become food for the people living in the cities so the city dwellers could survive.

    We also only see four Teletubbies? What happened to the rest?

    I think that before, there were more Teletubbies and they had some sort of civilization, as seeing by their technology, they had not developed any super dangerous types of weapons, but some sort of natural disaster caused them to flee underground. They later realized that the surface was not so bad and decided to start leaving for the surface, but when they realized they had no more edible resources, the smarter ones decided to lie to the others and told them the surface was still uninhabitable. When they ran out of food, they started eating each other, and the fact that those speakers pop up means that the Teletubbies we see may be some of the more maybe wealthy or powerful Teletubbies but not the ones really in charge - maybe the children of some of the originally smarter Teletubbies who came up with the plan in the first place.

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    'Peppa Pig' Is Set In A World Where Humans Have All Been Long Dead

    'Peppa Pig' Is Set In A World Where Humans Have All Been Long Dead
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    From Redditor u/NotFamous307:

    Hear me out here - Peppa Pig is set in a very specific post-apocalyptic world in which the human race has been wiped out from some kind of devastating event - But I’m sure that could never happen… This event leaves mammals at the top of the food chain, and over a long period of time (and possible radiation left over from nuclear power plants not maintained amongst other things), they began to adapt and gain more intelligence over the inferior animals, like fish and reptiles, which are now their pets and livestock - even finding and learning from parts of the culture left behind. Crazy, right?

    Look at the animals' noses, often growing awkwardly high on the sides of their faces, and all of the animals are roughly the same size, from Emily the Elephant to the Fox family (they most certainly eat eggs…). The distorted faces and massive growth of the animals could be a sign of previous radiation effects, and social norms as the new society in which Peppa lives took form over many years after the fall of mankind. The world is still being affected by all of this in a number of ways also, such as going through very heavy periods of rain caused from the drastic changes in the environment. That is why families in the show build their homes, schools, and businesses on top of tall hills, because the town is prone to flooding. We see this in an episode called “The Biggest Muddy Puddle In The World” where the town has flooded, and Peppa’s hill becomes a desert island...

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  • From Redditor u/MarioMan1213245765:

    Upon watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights, I noticed that despite taking place in a medieval setting, the characters made many references to modern-day culture. Now, this could be shrugged off as just being for a silly movie, but they also had knowledge of modern-day technology and weaponry, as shown by the Sheriff’s crossbow shaped like a modern-day gun with a modern scope attached.

    Also, they had tin cans with modern food company labels used as the heads of the practice dummies in the training scenes. Putting all this together, I believe the movie takes place in a post-Y2K world where all technology stopped working on January 1, 2000, and the world was plunged back into the dark ages.

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  • From Redditor u/NerdyPanquake:

    Basically, the idea is that humans created super-advanced self-driving vehicles, and that at some point, they decided to go full-on Terminator and kill off all the humans. I would assume they probably waited for a way to self-reproduce without humans before their uprising. One hole in this theory that I can think of is that “classic cars” seem to still exist.

    I don’t know exactly how this may or may not fit into the “Pixar Theory,” though. I also haven’t seen Cars 3 yet. But I really don’t care too much about movie spoilers, so don’t worry about it. So if anyone has any good evidence for or against this theory, let me know. I kind of just randomly thought about it after hearing something about self-driving cars.

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  • 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' Is Set In The Year 8649
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    From Redditor u/kerbyklok:

    In the opening scene, it says England 932 AD, but you will notice that the two is smaller as it really says 93 squared. 93 squared comes out to 8649. This is far off in the distant future. Thousands of years after a nuclear apocalypse, the world has descended once again into another dark age. The effects of nuclear fallout have dissipated. After several thousands of years of people scorning knowledge and logic because of the disaster they ultimately led to, King Arthur is one of the first to try to apply logic, however flawed, to situations. There are a number of relics of the past that survive. The holy hand grenade is obviously a grenade that has survived the ages, and over time, has become a religious symbol with people attributing its destructive power to God. There is also a three-headed man who is a descendant of mutants, though they have mostly died out by 8649.

    At the end, King Arthur and company are arrested by a fraternal order of people who dress in the old style and have a few pieces of pristine pieces of technology, such as the van they pull up in. They do so in retaliation for a knight killing one of their academic members early in the film. There are many other instances that prove this theory, such as the peasants' discussion of anarcho-syndicalism and the nuns' use of an electronic grail-shaped beacon to lure Sir Lancelot to their covenant - and many others.

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