Weird History Photos Taken Moments After History's Most Infamous Assassinations  

Erin Wisti
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Embodying one of the more gruesome sides of history, assassination photos capture some of the most tumultuous events of the past. But assassination images manage to reduce the size and scale of these events into a single photo, bringing a sort of mundane finality to to these occurrences. Death, the only guarantee to any human being's life, arrived to these people prematurely, and reduced them all to literal shells of their former selves. Many of these famous assassinations occurred without a moment's notice, while others were seen coming from a mile away. 

Included below are photos of assassinated presidents, criminals, and civil rights leaders, all of whom met an untimely end. Some, like Bonnie and Clyde you could argue, deserved it, but others like Che Guevara and Malcolm X were unfairly taken from this world before much of their work could even begin. Regardless of how you feel towards any of them, these assassinations changed the course of human history, for better or worse.

Warning: this list contains graphic images.