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The Posters You Always See in College

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Each fall, college kids across the country ask themselves a single important question, the answer to which will dramatically influence their semesters, years - maybe the rest of their lives. "What poster can I hang in my dorm room to tell the world the most about *me*?" Whether made of drywall or thickly-painted concrete blocks, dorm room walls provide the perfect blank canvas for an academic-minded person in his late teens or early 20s to express himself re: likes and interests. For example, if he wants to say "I like a movie," he might have a poster of that one movie. Is he trying to tell you, "Hey, I like to drink alcohol"? Well, keep your eyes peeled for a poster that has a photograph, drawing, or advertisement for some kind of beer or liquor.

Are you looking for some college decorating ideas? Here is a collection of all the posters you will see in other people's rooms (provided you are invited into any of them) and also a guide to interpreting each one's meaning, i.e. what the poster-owner is quietly telling you about themselves.

What are some good things to hang on a dormitory room wall? Some options include: photographs of your friends and/or family, pics you took on vacation, original artwork you drew or painted, posters of sports teams or bands from your hometown, or even your class syllabi. You can even hang your corsage from prom, or the tassel from your high school graduation if you have it! If any of those items sound a little too personal and TMI, try out these very common college posters so you can spread the word on your floor that you are a fan of drinking / a specific movie / "art" / whatever. 

  • Beer
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    What This Person Thinks It Says: "I'm physically attractive lol."

    What It Actually Says: "I have a sh*tty personality."

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  • Abbey Road
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    What This Person Thinks It Says: "I'm just a Regular Joe trying to get by."

    What It Actually Says: "I'm just a Regular Joe trying to get by."
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  • Bluto Chugging Alcohol
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    What This Person Thinks It Says: "I am the college expert u want 2b friends w/. Ask me where the party's @."

    What It Actually Says: "I will be on academic probation next semester, so don't get too close."

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  • Vincent Vega And Jules Winnfield
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    What This Person Thinks It Says: "I'm a bit of a cinephile. I like obscure movies that are a little off-kilter."

    What It Actually Says: "If you are not careful, I will trap you into the most boring conversations of your life."

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