15 Posts About Mark Hamill That Prove He Was Perfectly Cast As Luke Skywalker In 'Star Wars'

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Star Wars would not be the same without Mark Hamill. The fans can't get enough of him both on and off-screen. Mark Hamill is irreplaceable as Luke Skywalker.

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    A True Jedi

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    Surprise Visitor

    From Redditor u/soulwrangler:

    I used to work at a restaurant, and one of our servers was obsessed with Star Wars. Like, if you knew nothing about this dude, you knew he loved Star Wars. This restaurant was relatively close to a film studio, and one day Mark Hamill came in for lunch. Said server would not be in until about 3 pm and he missed him. Someone in the kitchen told him about it and he was sad, but what do you do?

    So, it's after the dinner rush and he's wrapping cutlery at the server station, and the hostess comes up and says, "You've got a visitor," and it's Mark Hamill. His server at lunch had told him about this huge Star Wars fan, so he came by during a shooting break to sign an autograph or two and take some pictures and give him some sweet swag.

    Mark Hamill is good people.

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    Some Good Advice

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    Fact Check

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    Such A Good Laugh

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    That's Why We Love Luke

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