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Disney parents come in many forms. The Sultan from Aladdin is a cute, doting daddy. Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible are exasperated and looking for a change in The Incredibles. With generations under her watch, Abuela from Encanto carries a heavy burden. Across all their varying types, though, Disney fans online love using these moms and dads to create hilarious, absurd, and sometimes personal posts. As one poster speculates, Beauty and the Beast would look a whole lot different (yet still so elegant) if Maurice had stayed at the castle instead of Belle. Other posts wonder what different kings would like with or without facial hair. (Yes, it's weird.) There's even a post that paints King Triton of The Little Mermaid as quite the narcissist!

Check out this list of hilarious posts featuring Disney parents, and don't forget to vote up your favorites!

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    Super Freaks

    Super Freaks
    Photo: Lauren Wheeler / Pinterest
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    Andy's Mom: An Endless Cycle Of Confusion

    Andy's Mom: An Endless Cycle Of Confusion
    Photo: stories-of-the-pas / Tumblr
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    Grandma Goals

    Grandma Goals
    Photo: Julia Slater / Pinterest
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    Age Inappropriate

    Age Inappropriate
    Photo: Elena / Pinterest
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    A Maternal Nightmare

    A Maternal Nightmare
    Photo: Swankspecials / Pinterest
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    Marlin Speaking Truth

    Marlin Speaking Truth
    Photo: liv / Pinterest
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