First Ladies Rank the Potential First Ladies (And First Gentlemen)  

Jessica Lawshe
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As more people throw their hats into the presidential race for the 2016 election, it's high time to learn more about the women (and men) who could become the "first ladies" of the United States of America. Who are the potential first ladies and first gentlemen of the 2016 presidential race?

Just as their predecessors, each of these women (or men) will forever be recognized as having been married to an American president. But what of their other traits? Regardless of being married to a future president, many of these women and men have their own notable careers and have already made names for themselves in the history books. For example, Heidi Suzanne Nelson (wife of Ted Cruz), is a managing director at the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs and has spent time doing missionary work in Africa. Supriya Jolly Jindal (wife of Bobby Jindal) has not only made a Vanity Fair best dressed list, but is getting her Ph.D. in marketing from Louisiana State University. And of course, we can't help but mention that Bill Clinton (husband of Hilary Clinton) has already been a two-term president. 

Each First Lady brings to the White House her own unique experiences, personalities, and abilities, in addition to her own agenda. While it's still unclear what some of these women (and men) plan to add to their agendas, it's clear that healthcare, women's rights, and education are at the forefront. Of course, as women gain more and more traction in the political realm, it won't be long before America has its first female president, which could mean the first "First Gentleman" in the white house. In fact, it could be as soon as next election! (We're looking at you, Bill Clinton or Frank Fiorina.) There's also potential for the United States to not have a first anything: candidate Lindsey Graham is single.

So take a look at this list of possible 2016 First Ladies and then exercise your right to vote! Vote up the woman or man you think will make the best First Lady or First Gentleman!
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Karen Kasich

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Who: Wife of Republican presidential candidate John Kasich.

Best First Lady Traits: She's worked in healthcare, public relations and marketing, and was a vice president at healthcare advertising agency, GSW Worldwide.

Pet Project Would Be: Anti-drug programs for youths and health. She's known for being a fitness enthusiast and is often found running or swimming. 

 Source: International Business Times

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Candy Carson

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Who: Wife of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson. 

Best First Lady Traits: She is a former concert violinist and graduate of Yale (that's where she and her husband first met). She and her husband founded the Carson Scholars Fund, which works to award students who have embraced high levels of academic excellence and community service with $1,000 college scholarships. 

Pet Project Would Be: Education.  

Sources: CarsonScholars.orgDaily Entertainment News

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Janet Huckabee

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Who: Wife of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. 

Best First Lady Traits: She was nicknamed the "first tomboy" when her husband was governor of Arkansas, most likely for her interest in skiing, jet skiing, swimming, basketball, parachuting, and bungee jumping. A year after marrying her husband she was diagnosed with spinal cancer. After surgery and radiation she made a full recovery. 

Pet Project Would Be: It's unclear what she might focus on right now. Though she has led youth outreach programs in the past, she says right now she's just focused on getting her husband elected. 

Sources: U.S. News, Newsweek

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Mary Pat Foster

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Who: Wife of Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie.

Best First Lady Traits: She's worked in the financial realm since graduating with her MBA from Seton Hall University. She took a hiatus from her job as managing director at the specialty investment firm Angelo, Gordon & Co in April 2015. Prior to working there she's held jobs at JPMorgan Chase, Fleet Securities, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Mendham Capital Management, a firm she co-founded. After Hurricane Sandy she helped to organize the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

Pet Project Would Be: Helping out non-profits. In 2010 she launched the New Jersey Heroes, which helps to bring recognition to individuals and non-profit organizations working to help make improvements in the state. 

Source: International Business Times

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