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Which Mythology Should God of War Take On Next?

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Vote up the mythology you would most like to see as a Setting for God of War.

Kratos, professional angry man and the god of war himself, returns this week with a son, a beard, and a whole new pantheon of gods to confront in the latest God of War game. After three games spent battling Zeus, Poseidon, Hercules and a gang of other Greek gods, Kratos faces a host of foes from Norse mythology. The shift from Greek cities to Nordic mountains is appropriate. Norse mythology is full of the kind of gritty battles and violence that the God of War series is known for. But what comes next?

Sony Santa Monica, the team behind God of War, has already expressed interest in several other mythological settings and the fact that they’re willing to take Kratos to another area of the world opens up the opportunity for all sorts of globe-hopping adventures. A new setting allows for more weapons to kill with and new worlds to explore, but it also provides the opportunity to shine a light on a mythologies and cultures that typically get overlooked in Western pop culture.

Greek and Norse stories aren’t the only ones worthy of Sony Santa Monica’s respectful yet playful approach to mythology. What other mythological settings would be fun to explore in the God of War universe?