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Astonishingly In-Depth Power Rangers Fan Theories That Will Shatter The Bedrock Of Your Childhood

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Power Rangers is one of the best '90s adventure TV series, and easily has more than two decades of airtime under its belt with over 20 different teams running around the huge universe. Thus, it makes complete sense that with all the entangling storylines and universes, there are various Power Rangers fan theories scattered across the Internet. After all, there are nearly 25 squads of Rangers leaving giant, brightly-colored explosions in their wake. 

With the show constantly airing since its inception in 1993, fans have had plenty of time to theorize all about the characters, powers, and galaxy of the series. Since the early days of the fandom, people have speculated about the back stories of how the Rangers got their powers, if all the seasons are tied together, and which ones might be out of continuity.

Various production teams have helmed the series over the years, so some theories have been disproven or seriously impacted. Still, that doesn’t stop fans from trying to make sense of the complex universe of Power Rangers. Here are some of the best fan theories out there. Vote up the ones that you think best explain how the world of Power Rangers operates.

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    Billy Is The Phantom Ranger

    The Phantom Ranger’s identity was a secret so well kept that even the writers had no idea who he was. Over the years, fans have put forth various ideas on who he could really be, and one has risen above the others. Phantom showed up around the middle of Turbo and who had recently left the team with the capability of building a new Zord fleet?

    Billy, the team’s former technical genius. No wonder Cassie was crushing on Phantom so hard - Billy was pretty dreamy.

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    Z Is Danny’s Kid

    While Power Rangers Wild Force and Power Rangers SPD only took place three years between each other, SPD was set over 20 years into the future. This means that one of the Rangers in SPD could be a kid of a Wild Force team member... And that Ranger would be Z!

    In SPD, it is revealed that Z’s last name is Delgado, which she shares with Iron Bison Ranger Danny. Since he spent much of Wild Force trying to get with Kendall, maybe they finally tied the knot and had a kid!

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    The Asteroid In Dino Charge May Have Birthed The Dino Gems In Dino Thunder

    In Dino Charge’s first episode, you see an asteroid strike the Earth that kills off the dinosaurs. At the time this happened, Keeper had the Energems bond with dinosaurs so that energy may have bled off into the asteroid itself. This may have created a whole new power source, which could be the Dino Gems!

    These were later used by Tommy as the power source of the Dino Thunder powers, so these dino seasons may be closer than fans originally thought.

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    Edenoites And Xyberians Are Sister Species

    Power Rangers has an interesting take on aliens. The Karovians are just humans who aren’t from Earth, so there’s a precedent for similar species being from different planets. This leads credence to the theory that Edenoites (from MMPR Season 3) and Xyberians (Time Force) are related.

    They both have diamonds on their forehead that give them special powers, so the connection is fairly deep.

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