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22 Power Rangers Memes Even Mightier Than Morphin' Time

July 23, 2020 9k votes 1.1k voters 36k views22 items

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If you were a kid in the '90s, chances are you were obsessed with the Power Rangers. The group of teenagers balanced school with totally epic crimefighting. You know, completely typical kid stuff. We all wanted to be a part of the the Rangers and we all had a favorite. (Blue Ranger or bust.) The show grew to become a pop culture phenomenon and sparked tons of movies and spin-off series. The show also inspired some pretty epic memes. These are the best Power Ranger memes - even powerful enough to fight off Rita Repulsa. It's meme-in' time!

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    We Can't Unsee It

    Photo: chenngeekz / Pinterest
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    Any Day Now

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    Why Are You Even Here?

    Photo: u/Neosiq / Reddit
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    You've Made A Fatal Mistake

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