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All Of The Morphers In 'Power Rangers'

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Dominating the airwaves since 1993, the Power Rangers have secured their spots in the hearts of every '90s kid (and beyond). The Rangers are part of one of the best superhero shows of all time, dominating the pop culture industry with everything from comic books to toys. With each new season of the Power Rangers, these warriors are graced with new devices that help them suit up to take on futuristic and intergalactic villains who are bent on wiping out planet Earth.

However cool, nostalgic, or even cursed these colorful Rangers might be, they would be totally useless without the aid of their trusty devices - the Morphers. These Mighty Morphin mechanisms, built to help the Rangers transform into their ultimate appearances, are powerful gadgets that take on an assortment of forms. From cellphones to wristbands, the Morphers hold the true power that lies within the all mighty Power Rangers.

  • Power Morphers ('Mighty Morphin Power Rangers')1

    Power Morphers ('Mighty Morphin Power Rangers')

    Power Morphers are summoned in with a loud “It’s Morphin' Time!" cry. These Morphers transform the Rangers into the image of the coin that's inserted into the slot.

  • Master Morpher ('Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' / 'Power Rangers Zeo' / 'Power Rangers Dino Thunder')2

    Master Morpher ('Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' / 'Power Rangers Zeo' / 'Power Rangers Dino Thunder')

    Tommy Oliver 's trusty Power Morpher, used exclusively by him alone. The Master Morpher lets Tommy transform into any of his many Ranger forms.

  • Dino Morphers ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')3

    Dino Morphers ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')

    Each Dino Thunder Ranger is granted a different color Dino Morpher. They transform the Rangers and summon their corresponding Dino Zords.

  • Drago Morpher ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')4

    Drago Morpher ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')

    The White Dino Ranger is equipped with the Drago Morpher. It is created when he becomes corrupted after a confrontation with his nemesis, White Dino.

  • Patrol Morpher ('Power Rangers SPD')5

    Patrol Morpher ('Power Rangers SPD')

    Commander Anubis Cruger wields the Patrol Morpher. He uses the device to transform into the S.P.D. Shadow Ranger.

  • Brachio Morpher ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')6

    Brachio Morpher ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')

    The terrific Tommy Oliver brandishes the Brachio Morpher to morph into the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. It is powered by the energy contained in the fourth Dino Gem, the Black Dino Gem.

  • Zeonizers ('Power Rangers Zeo')7

    Zeonizers ('Power Rangers Zeo')

    To replace the Power Morphers, Zordon creates the Zeonizers. Zeonizers are wrist-mounted Morphers that rely on the power of the Zeo Crystal.

  • Wind Morphers ('Power Rangers Ninja Storm')8

    Wind Morphers ('Power Rangers Ninja Storm')

    The Wind Morpher is activated with a spin and grants powers to the Wind Rangers. It also fires Ninja Beams.

  • Thunder Morphers ('Power Rangers Ninja Storm')9

    Thunder Morphers ('Power Rangers Ninja Storm')

    Taking the shape of brazen beetles are the Thunder Morphers. They open their wings to reveal their Power Discs.

  • Astro Morpher ('Power Rangers In Space')10

    Astro Morpher ('Power Rangers In Space')

    The Space Rangers use their wrist Morphers to serve multi-functional purposes. The Astro Morphers are called to transform into Rangers and to summon Zords. 

  • Triassic Morpher ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')11

    Triassic Morpher ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')

    To accompany the Red Dino Ranger's transformation into the Triassic Ranger, his Dino Morpher becomes the powerful Triassic Morpher. Its hue changes from red to gold as it begins to gather Dino Energy and evolves into the Triassic Battlizer Morpher.

  • Delta Morphers ('Power Rangers SPD')12

    Delta Morphers ('Power Rangers SPD')

    The Delta Morphers might look like police ID badges, but they are the primary Morpher of the SPD B-Squad Rangers. They're compact, practical, and are hailed with a call of "S.P.D. Emergency!" 

  • Turbo Morphers ('Power Rangers Turbo')13

    Turbo Morphers ('Power Rangers Turbo')

    Turbo Morphers are wrist-bound Morphers that are hailed with the call "Shift Into Turbo!" Turbo Morphers are initialized by using a Turbo Key.

  • Wolf Morpher ('Power Rangers Jungle Fury')14

    Wolf Morpher ('Power Rangers Jungle Fury')

    The Wolf Morpher grants the powers of the Wolf Ranger. The wolf-headed Morpher lets RJ transform into a Ranger and dish out powerful and fiery Wolf Beam moves.

  • Mystic Morpher ('Power Rangers Mystic Force')15

    Mystic Morpher ('Power Rangers Mystic Force')

    Mystic Morphers are mystical wands in disguise. To cover up the magical power of the Rangers, they have been disguised as cell phones. They use numerical codes to cast spells.

  • Transmorphers ('Power Rangers Lost Galaxy')16

    Transmorphers ('Power Rangers Lost Galaxy')

    Transmorphers bestow the Rangers with powers over 3,000 years old. The Galactic Rangers activate them with a "Go Galactic!" shout.

  • Lightning Morpher ('Power Rangers Ninja Storm')17

    Lightning Morpher ('Power Rangers Ninja Storm')

    Shane's Wind Morpher becomes the mighty Lightning Morpher. When the Power Disc spins, it unlocks the Tri-Battlized Armor.

  • Quantum Morpher ('Power Rangers Time Force')18

    Quantum Morpher ('Power Rangers Time Force')

    Found in an archeological dig and activated by Eric, the Quantum Morpher is unearthed from the sands of time. He uses the Morpher to turn into the Quantum Ranger.

  • Golden Power Staff ('Power Rangers Zeo')19

    Golden Power Staff ('Power Rangers Zeo')

    The Golden Power Staff doubles as both a Morpher and a mighty combat tool. It is used to pass down the Gold Ranger Powers.

  • Lunar Caller ('Power Rangers Wild Force')20

    Lunar Caller ('Power Rangers Wild Force')

    Shaped like a fierce wolf head, the Lunar Wolf Ranger uses the Lunar Caller to morph. It is made of the Animal Crystals of Merrick's Wild Zords.

  • Chrono Morphers ('Power Rangers Time Force')21

    Chrono Morphers ('Power Rangers Time Force')

    The Time Force of the future created the mighty Chrono Morphers for suiting up and storing their arsenal. These Morphers are imprinted with DNA which allows anyone who has similar DNA to also use the Morpher.

  • Titanium Morpher ('Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue')22

    Titanium Morpher ('Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue')

    The powers of the Titanium Ranger are granted with the Titanium Morpher. This Morpher is considered to be much too powerful for anyone to manage. However, Ryan is able to endure its wrath without perishing. 

  • Rescue Morphers ('Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue')23

    Rescue Morphers ('Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue')

    Lightspeed Rangers use their Rescue Morphers to suit up and summon Zords. Developed totally with Earth technology, the Rescue Morphers are strictly computer-based and have no mystical or other-worldly functionalities. 

  • Shield of Triumph ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')24

    Shield of Triumph ('Power Rangers Dino Thunder')

    Conner combines his Red Dino Ranger powers with the Shield of Triumph to become the Triassic Ranger. The Shield of Triumph also holds the power to toss the wielder and the opponent into the "Triassic Dimension," where the wielder holds the ultimate power.

  • Wolf Morpher ('Power Rangers Mystic Force')25

    Wolf Morpher ('Power Rangers Mystic Force')

    The Scarlet Wolf Morpher has been split from Koragg and his Morpher to become the "good" counterpart. Leanbow uses the Wolf Morpher to transform into the Wolf Warrior.