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All Of The Morphers In 'Power Rangers'

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Dominating the airwaves since 1993, the Power Rangers have secured their spots in the hearts of every '90s kid (and beyond). The Rangers are part of one of the best superhero shows of all time, dominating the pop culture industry with everything from comic books to toys. With each new season of the Power Rangers, these warriors are graced with new devices that help them suit up to take on futuristic and intergalactic villains who are bent on wiping out planet Earth.

However cool, nostalgic, or even cursed these colorful Rangers might be, they would be totally useless without the aid of their trusty devices - the Morphers. These Mighty Morphin mechanisms, built to help the Rangers transform into their ultimate appearances, are powerful gadgets that take on an assortment of forms. From cellphones to wristbands, the Morphers hold the true power that lies within the all mighty Power Rangers.