The Most Powerful Characters In DC Comics

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"Strength" in comic books is hard to qualify, or quantify. One character always has to be stronger than another or there are no stakes. Which is why it seems like everyone in the DC Universe somehow has access to the "extremely rare" Kryptonite... But power, power is another story.

These are the most powerful beings, entities, and characters in all of DC Comics. The characters on this list are those that possess the strength, intelligence, and abilities to rival the gods! (There are some gods on this list, and not necessarily at the top.)

We want to know who YOU think is the most powerful being! Whose more powerful The Spectre or Parallax? Anti-Monitor or Imperiex? Superman Prime or Darkseid?

Vote up those your think are the most powerful! Vote down those that aren't worthy! And when you're finished with this list, you can also vote on the strongest characters in the DCEU.

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    The Presence

    The Presence, otherwise known as the God of the Covenant is the creator of the DC Universe in the comic book world, though he's more often spoken of than actually seen.
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    Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar
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    Once the proudest and most beautiful of all angels in existence, Lucifer was sent by The Presence to rule over Hell after he rebelled. After governing Hell for more than 10 billion years, he left to look for a way out of predestination, to escape Yahweh's great Plan.
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    The Spectre is a supernatural being of nigh-unlimited might whose mission is to unleash the Wrath of God upon evil men. He is always bound to the soul of a deceased human. Three humans have been bound to the Spectre during the modern age, Jim Corrigan currently holds the role.
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    Archangel Michael

    Archangel Michael
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    Michael Demiurgos is the son of Yahweh and brother of Lucifer Morningstar. He is often described as the mightiest of all the beings God ever created thanks to his Demiurgic Power.

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    Photo: DC Comics / Wikipedia / Fair Use
    The Anti-Monitor is The Monitor's counterpart from The Anti-Matter Universe. He is responsible for the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, was the sole Guardian of the Sinestro Corps and once, against his will, was the source of The Black Lantern Corps central power battery.
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    The Endless

    The Endless
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    The Endless are seven siblings that embody seven different fundamental forces of existence itself. Ageless, immortal, and nigh-omnipotent, these siblings were the central characters of the landmark Vertigo series The Sandman.
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