15 Cosmic Entities Lurking In The MCU That Are Even More Powerful Than The Watcher

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Hip-deep in Celestials and Watchers, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are just now finding out how high the Marvel cosmic hierarchy climbs. In the annals of comic book history, there are more Marvel cosmic beings floating around than one can shake a stick at, each somehow more omnipotent than the last. Of course, theoretically speaking, this means that all of those same cosmic beings are lurking somewhere in the wings of the MCU, just waiting for their turn to crank up the scale and scope of the franchise.

Any debate about the most powerful Marvel characters that starts with names like Thor or Iron Man is really missing the forest for the trees. For as grand a stage as the everyday heroes of the MCU play upon, it’s nothing compared to the comings and goings of the truly cosmogonic. 

  • There’s no one definitive answer to the identity of the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe, but the Living Tribunal is the clear-cut leader of the pack. Unlike other abstract entities, there’s only one Living Tribunal in the entire multiverse, and keeping the balance of that multiverse is the Tribunal’s primary purpose - one it has been fulfilling for as long as the multiverse has existed.

    The Living Tribunal has three faces, representing equity, necessity, and just revenge. It sits in judgment of all universes within the multiverse, ensuring that any given being never gets too out of moral alignment or too powerful in comparison with the others. If all three faces agree on a judgment, there’s very little that the Tribunal cannot do to rectify the decision, including destroying whole solar systems in the blink of an eye.

    The only way for the Living Tribunal to be defeated is as part of the destruction of the entire Marvel Multiverse, which has happened on at least one occasion.

    The Living Tribunal is already present in the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, too, at least in homage form. Karl Mordo wields the Staff of the Living Tribunal in Doctor Strange, and a dismembered statue of the Tribunal is glimpsed in Loki

  • With all the many pantheons watching over the Marvel Universe, one might be surprised to find out there’s still a monotheistic, overarching god-figure in play, too. Actually, there might be several. The One Above All, Yahweh, and the Fulcrum are all beings that claim to be the one, true god. All have been seen in the pages of Marvel Comics, but they’re suspected to just be manifestations of the same entity, under whose authority all other cosmic beings fall.

    It is known, at the very least, that the Celestials take their marching orders from the Fulcrum, a being they’ve been following since before they created the Marvel Multiverse, something that is heavily implied to have been done at the Fulcrum’s behest. The One Above All has shown up on occasion to lecture Thanos or to resurrect the Thing, and Yahweh has shared some deep chats with Doctor Strange. 

    Whichever monotheistic identity they’re going with, this god-figure always seems to bear the same appearance, one that is suspiciously similar to that of Jack Kirby, real-world architect of the Marvel Universe. It’s a fitting tribute to a great creator - but that doesn’t stop these folks from being the clear-cut most powerful beings (or perhaps singular being) in existence.

  • Eternity is the embodiment of both the Marvel Universe and the entire Marvel Multiverse, which can get a bit confusing. The larger Eternity is best understood as all time and space in existence personified, with each individual universe within the greater multiverse represented by a smaller-scale Eternity offspring or avatar.

    Whether one is dealing with the overarching Eternity or just the Earth-616 version, there’s an immense amount of power on the table. Eternity’s authority over existence (along with that of his sibling, Infinity) is second only to the Living Tribunal and the One Above All. Because the entire Marvel Multiverse is contained within Eternity, he can manipulate anything within it to his own mysterious whims, including destroying and reviving realities with a thought. 

    But all that power is a two-way street. Eternity’s mind is made up of the collective consciousness of all life within it, and so it often needs to collaborate with its own constituents in order to affect change. Heroes like Doctor Strange and the Ultimates have even had to step in to save Eternity from other, more nefarious cosmic beings before - though it’s possible they may have misunderstood the stakes in those instances.

    Eternity has been seen in engraved form in Guardians of the Galaxy, along with carvings of Infinity, Entropy, and Death. He may have also been referenced by name by Star-Lord in Vol. 2, though he could have been referring to the concept itself.

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    The One Below All, Uber-Devil And Radiator Of Hulks

    Whereas the One Above All is more or less the monotheistic god of the Marvel Multiverse, the One Below All represents that being’s dark side. There are many devils in the annals of Marvel Comics - Mephisto, Satannish, Chthon, the list goes on - but none are more prevalent and all-encompassing than the One Below All, who occupies the Below-Place, the dark foundation upon which the rest of the multiverse sits.

    The One Below All and the Below-Place are the sources of all gamma radiation in the multiverse - including that found in the MCU - and are thus responsible for empowering all of the various Hulks, including the original article. It is through the manipulation of various gamma mutates that the One Below All has primarily made its presence known. There’s actually one possible future in which the One Below All possesses the Hulk and uses him as an avatar to destroy all creation - but Bruce Banner has been able to stave off that eventuality for now.

    But the One Below All is still there, and always will be, waiting for an opportunity to push back against the love of the One Above All with their ultimate hate. There are some, however, who believe the two entities are really two sides of the same coin, quarreling against themselves in a never-ending cycle of creation and destruction.