14 Of The Darkest Moments In 'The Powerpuff Girls' That Scarred Us As Kids

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How many of you remember how dark The Powerpuff Girls could really get? Let's not forget that this was a children's show that touched upon themes of greed, emotional manipulation, and post-apocalyptic worlds. Also, sometimes the show was just downright violent. But it's still a great show. And that's why we're here to show you some of the darkest moments on The Powerpuff Girls. Vote on your favorites below!

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    The Girls Accidentally Travel To A Post-Apocalyptic Townsville In 'Speed Demon'

    Surely most viewers will remember the terror they experienced while watching "Speed Demon." In this episode, the Powerpuff Girls race after school to see who the fastest flier is. They end up going so fast that they time travel 50 years into the future, where they reach a post-apocalyptic Townsville ruled by (extremely creepy) villain, HIM. The girls travel around the wasteland for answers until they're cornered by all the deranged townspeople, which causes them to break down and travel back in time to the present day. 

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    The Girls Almost Beat Mojo Jojo To Death For Some Candy

    In "Candy is Dandy," the girls develop an addiction to candy after the Mayor rewards them with some for their crime-fighting deeds. Longtime nemesis Mojo Jojo steals the Mayor's jar of candy and let's just say...the girls are not happy

    Shortly after this brutal beatdown, the girls have an epiphany and realize that they are too emotionally reliant on the reward of candy.

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    A Heinous Professor Makes Cheap Powerpuff Girl Replicas And They All Turn On Him

    "Knock It Off" was a standout for its dark themes that make it worthy of a sci-fi action game plot. Utonium's old colleague, Professor Dick Hardly (yes), tries to capitalize on the girls' superhero abilities by mass-producing replicas of them in order to make a profit. Once he runs out of Chemical X, he kidnaps the girls in his factory and extracts it from their bodies to produce more clones. Of course it doesn't go well, as all the mutant replicas attack a monstrous Professor Dick and explode in a large inferno. The girls and the Professor survive when the remaining clones help them escape. Yeesh. 

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    A Zombie Magician Has A Dark, Vengeful Story In 'Abracadaver'

    Yeah, we made it sound a little more dramatic than it actually is, but it's true! Who could forget this episode? Basically, innocent magician Al Lusion was performing onstage and turned into a laughing stock after a girl from the audience accidentally revealed all his tricks. He was so flustered by it all that he accidentally fell into a nearby iron maiden. Talk about a rich villain backstory. 

    And who could forget when the magician comes back to life and plans to annihilate Blossom because she looks just like the girl who revealed his tricks? This episode's hard to forget.

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    Bubbles Sees Her Petrified Sisters And Can Do Almost Nothing To Help Them In 'Mime For A Change' 

    Lots of fans remember this episode for its iconic groove, "Loves Makes the World Go 'Round." And we don't blame them in the slightest. But does anyone ever think about how the scene before the song was a little bit emotional as well? The villain of this episode is Mr. Mime, a victim of a freak accident who turns Townsville into a mute and colorless nightmare. Bubbles finds her sisters in an alleyway, both victims of Mr. Mime. She tries to revive them with her crayons to no avail. It's not until the song plays that the episode takes a positive turn.

    You have to admit, it's at least the slightest bit dark. 

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    'Twisted Sister'

    To ease their crime-fighting woes, the girls sneak into Professor Utonium's lab and 'accidentally' create a fourth sister whom they name Bunny. The girls instruct Bunny to fight crime in place of them. But when Bunny accidentally throws all the cops in jail instead of all the prisoners, the girls scold her actions and Bunny flies away in tears. Bunny's mistake results in an influx of free-roaming criminals, who all begin attacking the girls. Bunny hears their cries and saves the day, but shortly afterward she explodes into her original state.

    The episode ends with the narrator crying over the death of the fourth Powerpuff sister.

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