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Fan Theories About 'The Powerpuff Girls' That Just Might Be True

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Fighting evil and saving the world is a tough job, but in the world of The Powerpuff Girls, three superpowered elementary school girls find it to be a surprisingly easy task. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup comprise the Powerpuff Girls, a colorful, playful, monster-bashing task force. The secret behind their superpowers? They were created in a lab by their quirky scientist dad, Professor Utonium, with a little help from an extra ingredient - Chemical X.

When it comes to the world of The Powerpuff Girls, the show itself is a '90s fever dream filled with characters that were inspired by magical girls, sci-fi mega-minds, and even the Devil himself. The show explained little outside of the world immediately revolving around the daily events of the girls, but fan theories about The Powerpuff Girls and their characters have attempted to pick up the slack.

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    Dee Dee From Dexter's Lab Is One Of The Professor's Creations, But Without The Chemical X

    Redditor /u/themightyheptagon's fan theory caters to those who have always wondered what Professor Utonium's mixture would look like without the addition of Chemical X. Crossing the universes of Dexter's Lab and The Powerpuff Girls, they believe that Dexter's parent's needed help conceiving a child. Professor Utonium helped them out with the creation of "Dee Dee."

    Not only is Dee Dee the epitome of sugar, spice and everything nice, she also bears a striking resemblance to Bubbles and only dresses in pink. The theory goes farther than simple appearance though. An otherwise sweet girl, Dee Dee has a particular thirst for destroying her brother's laboratory and maybe that's because she suspects that she herself is a science experiment. Dee Dee's closest friends, Mee Mee and Lee Lee, could also be part of the Professor's line of girls that were created without the additional super-chemical.

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    Each Of The Girls Is Just A Fraction Of One Host Body Some Fans Have Named ‘Brenda’

    Otherwise known as "The Brenda Theory," some fans believe that all three of the girls that comprise the Powerpuff Girls are all part of one large body which acts as a host. The backstory to why these girls even exist is because Brenda is a girl who developed multiple personality disorder.

    Blossom is the manifestation of the girl Brenda wishes she could be, Bubbles is a representation of her innocence and sweetness toward the world, and Buttercup is how she deals with aggression toward her older brother, who is manifested in the form of Mojo Jojo.

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    The Professor Is Actually In A Coma, And The Powerpuff Girls Are His Dreams

    During his attempts to increase his fertility, Professor Utonium began taking a pharmaceutical that he made himself, Chemical X.

    In Redditor /u/GetRaving's theory, he began taking the substance without any formal medical testing, which caused the Professor to OD and go into a coma. In his comatose state, he lives out his fantasy of the chemical working and him ending up with three superchildren. The girls are aspects of the professor's mind, projecting the things that he wishes he could have been as a child and fighting against the things that brought him terror in the real world.

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    The Professor Was Trying To Turn Himself Into A Superhero And The Girls Were A Mistake

    Redditor /u/SlothUSA is convinced that Professor Utonium's Chemical X formula was meant for himself. To make himself into a superhuman, he planned to use the formula on himself so that he could protect the City of Townsville from invading monsters.

    Instead of being able to do this, he accidently broke the beaker into his mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice to end up with the Powerpuff Girls.