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Fan Theories About 'The Powerpuff Girls' That Just Might Be True

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Fighting evil and saving the world is a tough job, but in the world of The Powerpuff Girls, three superpowered elementary school girls find it to be a surprisingly easy task. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup comprise the Powerpuff Girls, a colorful, playful, monster-bashing task force. The secret behind their superpowers? They were created in a lab by their quirky scientist dad, Professor Utonium, with a little help from an extra ingredient - Chemical X.

When it comes to the world of The Powerpuff Girls, the show itself is a '90s fever dream filled with characters that were inspired by magical girls, sci-fi mega-minds, and even the Devil himself. The show explained little outside of the world immediately revolving around the daily events of the girls, but fan theories about The Powerpuff Girls and their characters have attempted to pick up the slack.

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