Humor 25 Pranks That Totally Backfired  

Emily Nerland
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Anybody with a sense of humor appreciates good pranks every now and then, but what about pranks gone wrong? They can range from hilarious to macabre, predictable to unthinkable. While scare pranks are generally the most likely to backfire (and possibly land someone a trip to the hospital), even some of the tamest pranks have the potential to go inexplicably wrong.

This list of funny pranks that backfired have resulted in arrests, tasings, and weddings being called off. Jaws were broken, employees were fired and suspensions were dealt out. We should probably just call this Murphy’s List of Pranks.

If there’s any takeaway beyond sheer entertainment value to garner from this list, it’s that the more you learn about pranks gone horribly wrong, the more you will find yourself considering the consequences of even the most mundane of pranks. Simply put, if you are going to pull a prank, you should be aware that you could end up with a fist in the face or a lawsuit on your hands. Oh, and you’ll probably be immortalized by the miracle of the Internet.

So, which of these pranks gone bad went the absolute worst? You be the judge.
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Purse Snatching Prank Ends in Van Damme Fashion

There are a variety of pranks that operate along the lines of someone being “robbed” while the pranksters film the reactions of the people nearby. Well, every once in a while you get a by-stander who’s simply not having it. This teaches us the valuable lesson that if you’re going to steal a purse, even as a prank, you better look out for a roundhouse kick to the face.
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Why You Shouldn’t Prank Anyone with a Solid Right Hook

What would high school be without pranks? Thankfully, we are now in a day and age where we can capture them on camera and share them for the whole world to see. A standard scare prank backfired when the victim, who was being interviewed, went on the offensive.

Rather than fall back and scream, he leaned in and served the masked pranker a dose of karma.

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When Pranking, You Must Always Keep Your Eye on the Target

A well-executed prank can take more concentration than some prankers are able to commit to. As with baseball, you can never take your eye off the target. If you do, the prank can really get away from you, as witnessed by this girl’s valiant attempt to push her unsuspecting friend into the water.

Her desired outcome was realized, it’s just that the target that changed without her knowledge.

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Kid’s Pranking Career Cut Short

A small child’s prank was cut short when his father unknowingly put the kibosh on his scary ghost schtick. The poor toddler was rejected when his father, not seeing him approaching, opened the closet door to put away his coat, knocking the ghosty kiddo to the ground.

At least the kid can take pride in the fact his ghost game was good enough to go virtually undetected.

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