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These People Have Scarily Accurate Memories Of What Their Lives Were Like Before They Were Born

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According to numerous studies, there is an affliction known as childhood amnesia, which suggests that people simply cannot recall memories of events that occurred before they reached the ages of two or three. The reasoning behind this is that, at that age, a person's brain has not yet developed enough to be able to retain such memories. However, some people still claim that they do in fact have memories that reach further back than their toddler years.

Researchers suggest that these memories are not really memories at all, but are instead visualizations of stories people have heard and pictures they've seen. A psychologist named Julia Shaw states that anything someone thinks they remember from before the age of two-and-a-half is a false memory. The human memory is a very strange thing and cannot always be trusted.

Still, there are many stories out there that contradict this belief. Many people have claimed that they have memories from when they were infants. So, are these really just false memories or is the answer actually more complicated? What's even more interesting to consider is the fact that many people, both children and adults, have claimed to have experienced pre-birth memories - some people claim they even remember their past lives.

Claims such as these can make any person feel a bit skeptical, but many of these stories have come from children who would have been too young to make up such an elaborate tale. The following are real-life stories that'll make even the biggest skeptic reconsider the existence of pre-birth memories.

  • I Love You More, No I Love You More

    Once, a woman was playing "I love you more because..." with her four-year-old son. She was convinced that she came up with the best answer saying, “I love you more because…I love you beyond infinity, around the moon two times, around Mars, and touching every star on the way back to you.” But his answer turned out to be even better than that. He told her, “Mommy! I love you more because I picked you while I was in heaven.”

  • He Chose His Mother's Voice

    It's okay to be skeptical of these stories, this mother was very skeptical for a while as well, especially after her son started to tell her about his experiences while in the womb. She thought of them as just creative stories, such as when he would tell her "how excited he was as a baby in [her] belly," "how scared he was to come out," and "how happy he was to finally see [her] face."

    However, she then goes on to share how her son ended up needing surgery due to hearing problems. Right after the surgery the mother sang to her child and what he did next made her believe in all the stories he told. He grabbed her face and said, “Mommy! Your voice is so beautiful! This was the voice I chose!”

  • What Is A Future?

    A six-year-old boy named Chase liked to tell his family what heaven looks like, but says that all the pictures he has been shown aren't "how Heaven really looks at all!" According to his grandmother, Chase is full of peculiar comments and has even told his mother, "I saw you when you were a baby in Heaven and you were cute!"

    One other curious thing he told his grandmother once was, "Grammy, I dreamed about my future last night." Then he simply asked, "What’s a future?"

  • A Toddler Visits The Beach Before She Is Born

    One mother turned to reddit to share her experience after her toddler shared some curious information with her. When she was getting ready to take her daughter to the beach for the very first time, the toddler informed her that she had been to the beach before, "I've been to the beach before, Mommy, it was a long time ago, before I was in your tummy..."