Celebrities You Won't Believe Were On 'The Dating Game' Before They Were Famous

The original The Dating Game ran on ABC from 1965-1974. Over the years, a plethora of famous people appeared on the show, which would be revived three more times over the next few decades. 

The popular Chuck Barris game show usually featured a bachelorette asking questions to three eligible bachelors, whom she could not see. The winning couple would win an all-expenses-paid trip for their date. 

It probably seems odd that young beautiful people like 1960s Farrah Fawcett and Tom Selleck would appear on The Dating Game. However, chances are that those modern-day Adonis-types were not looking for love when they went on national television; instead, they were probably hoping to get noticed

A lot of actors and actresses went on game shows in the hopes that some movie producer or Hollywood agent would see them on television. Additionally, comedians like Steve Martin and Bob Saget appeared on The Dating Game before they were famous in order to show the world just how funny they could be. 

Find out which celebrities on The Dating Game were selected and which ones got rejected.