25+ Fantastic Pre-Modern War Movies That Take Place a Long Time Ago

Pre-modern war movies feature epic battles and hand-to-hand combat to create some of the bloodiest wars ever caught on film. The top ancient war movies feature classic heroes motivating the masses to fight against oppression. This is a list of historical war movies featuring everything from The Last of the Mohicans to 300 to The Last Samurai.

What historical war films will you find on this list? You might vote Braveheart to the top of the pack. Directed by and starring Mel Gibson, this hit film's unforgettable battle scenes helped it to take home five Academy Awards. Gladiator is another fantastic ancient war movie about one man's quest for justice. Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus featured Kirk Douglas in the title role of a slave rising up against his Roman masters. Other good movies featured on this roundup of the best pre-modern war films include Willow, First Knight, and Kingdom of Heaven.

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