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12 Bananas Fan Theories About The Predator Franchise That Change The Game

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On the surface, the films in the Predator series are essentially retellings of Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game. And if you think they’re simple tales of men fighting against nature, that’s fine. Many fans, however, aren’t afraid to look deeper in order to get to the choppa (and the allegorical meanings of Predator). There are actually a lot of levels to the film, and it wouldn't be outlandish to claim Predator is the best action movie ever made.

And, as with all things, if it bleeds you can write theories about it. These crazy Predator theories are both bananas and more-or-less on on par with the ideas we see play out in the franchise. As you’ll come to discover, you can kind of project anything onto a series of movies about dreadlocked space monsters coming to collect your skull as a trophy.

Predator fan theories don’t just touch on topics like the AIDs epidemic and the concept of masculinity (but, yes, they totally do that, too), they bring in other franchises, and even expand on the purpose of the aliens at the heart of the Predator series, the Yautjas. To read these Predator series fan theories, you need to remember all the bizarre moments in the five films, from how Dutch beat his alien foe, to how Danny Glover was an unlikely choice but did quite well against the city hunter. It's then you realize the Predator series is a tabula rasa, allowing any and all ideas to be applied. Just enjoy the ride, and get lost in a web of Predator movie theories.

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