15 Parents Share Their Strangest "Pregnancy Brain" Stories To Prepare You For The Worst

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Parents: vote up the most bizarre instances of "pregnancy" brain.

They say it's not only your body the thing that changes during pregnancy, there's something called "Pregnancy Brain" that can affect the way you think. These Redditors are sharing their pregnancy brain stories so you can know what to expect when you're pregnant. Check them out and vote up your favorite stories!

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    They Completely Forgot Words They Use All The Time

    From Redditor u/LadyMeggatron:

    I have such a hard time remembering simple words. I asked my husband to move because I needed to use "That thing". He says "What thing?" I said, "You know, the hot box". He looked at me like I had grown an extra head. "You mean, the oven?" he said. I felt like a total idiot lol.

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    They Locked Them And Their Toddler Outside In The Heat

    From Redditor u/BubbleBlonde108:

    Locked my toddler and me outside on a 95* day. (That was a freak mishap). The baby brain was not remembering the 4 digit code to the lockbox on the side of the house to get us back inside! Ended up having to feed my tot through a window and wait anxiously that he would unlock the door for his idiot Mom.

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    They Thought Their Reflection Was Someone Else Entirely

    From Redditor u/Alice_In_Zombieland:

    In my first pregnancy my husband took me to an aquarium. We left one of those shark tunnels and there was another one straight ahead. So I started walking towards it and noticed a woman wearing the same shirt as me. As I walk towards the tunnel I walk right into her and we both do the shift left, shift right dance and I apologize. Then my husband comes up to me and says

    "Honey that's a mirror." The worst part is my shirt had words on it and I remember thinking how weird it was that the other woman's shirt had the words backward. 

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    They Put Things Where They Don't Belong And Mixed Up People's Names

    From Redditor u/sassercake:

    I put Clorox wipes in the fridge after cleaning the kitchen.

    I keep referring to some of our relatives, who are named Carol and Larry, as Larol and Carry.

    Those are the two most frequent ones. I forgot everything else because I just forget everything.

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    They Sat Waiting For A Left Turn Arrow But They Were Turning Right

    From Redditor u/c8h1on40two:

    I put the yogurt in the cup cabinet, found it when I went to get coffee an hour later.

    I could not find the tv remote anywhere. Gave up, went to make lunch and found the remote in the refrigerator.

    Sat at an intersection waiting for a green arrow because there was a "left turn on green arrow only" sign. I was waiting to turn right.

    Went to buy dog food, got back to the car with only cat treats. Had to go back into the store for the dog food.

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    They Forgot Their Own Last Name

    From Redditor u/iceskatinghedgehog:

    I called my insurance to make a payment and identified myself with my maiden name. I immediately corrected myself, laughed, and was like, "wait, that's my maiden name. Geeze. I've been married for two years. This is Firsname ... [uncomfortable pause]..."

    They must pull up your account based on the phone number you call from, b/c the lady I was speaking to had to finish my sentence for me. "Ohh, yep, that's me. I...uh...need to pay on my husband's car insurance."