The Pregnancy Episode Of ‘I Love Lucy' Was So Controversial, It Was Almost Banned

"Lucy Is Enceinte," a 1952 episode of I Love Lucy, was the first major TV program to depict a pregnant woman (hence the euphemistic French word for "pregnant" in the title). It was one of the most important episodes of I Love Lucy, which was already groundbreaking in so many ways. While the idea may seem quaint now, allowing Lucille Ball to parallel her real-life pregnancy on the small screen was incredibly controversial. It almost led to the cancellation of her mega-hit show. It took guts, dedication, and conscientiousness for "the pregnancy episode" to make it on air. 

The I Love Lucy controversy not only changed television, but it also remains a poignant depiction of one of TV's most beloved couples. These facts tell the wild tale of television's first big pregnancy and the censorship it survived to make history.