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The Most Annoying Things to Say or Do to a Pregnant Woman

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List RulesThe list is about ways other people annoy you while you are pregnant. It’s not about the worst pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy health issues, or pregnancy scares.

Pregnancy sucks at times, as it is. Why do the people around you have to pile on by being so annoying? What not to say to a pregnant woman should be obvious, right? Apparently not. Whether you hate being pregnant or love it, you’ve gotten all kinds of unsolicited advice, unwanted touches, and uncool comments about your body over the course of those nine months. One glance at your belly and your relatives, friends, and total strangers somehow feel they’ve been granted permission to share overshare incredibly personal information about their own pregnancies and birth stories. (Do you know what TMI stands for, Grandma?)  

People you’ve never even met will ask you invasive questions and invade your personal space. If you’re currently pregnant or already a mom, what is your biggest pet peeve? Surely you’ve experienced most if not all of the irritating situations listed here. Here’s your chance to bond with all the mamas over the many reasons you hate pregnancy: Vote up your biggest pregnancy pet peeves, vote down the things that are just baby stuff.
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