Weird Nature Here's What 21 Different Animal Species Look Like Pregnant  

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Move over, expecting human mommies, because Mother Nature's looking to celebrate her own handiwork with these remarkable animal mom pics. While people try their hardest to remove themselves from association with animals, pregnant animal photos remind even the most "evolved" of persons where they came from. And is it so bad to be associated with such cute animal parents? Expecting animal moms, just like any pregnant human mom, go through some wild body shifts to bring little spawns like you into the world. It's time to give some love to the expecting animals out there, especially the single mommy animals who take the whole "wildlife" concept to a whole other level.

Expecting animal mothers like the ones below glow with a natural beauty you just can't find in human mother. These pictures of pregnant animals attempt to capture the wonder, majesty, and (sometimes) discomfort of expecting animal mothers all across the world. These animals deserve our appreciation, no matter if they're an adorable critter or a creepy-crawly. And who knows, maybe looking at these pictures of pregnant animals will make you consider throwing your dog a baby shower next time.

A Bonnet Macaque Taking A Much Deserved Rest

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