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What It's Like To Be Pregnant In Prison

Updated 14 Jun 2019 61.4k views12 items

For any expectant mom, carrying a baby for nine months can be an equally joyous and challenging journey. But consider soon-to-be moms who are in prison. Pregnant women in prison have to deal with all the physical and emotional ups and downs associated with pregnancy while being locked away from the rest of the world. A correctional facility is not the ideal place to have a child, and the experience can be traumatic for both moms and their babies.

Over 210,000 women are incarcerated in the US, and although updated prison pregnancy statistics are difficult to find, a 2004 study found that 3% to 4% of women in prison were pregnant.

Most correctional facilities are not equipped to deal with pregnancies. Women and their prison babies often go without proper medical care.

You might be surprised to learn what it's like for a woman to go through a pregnancy in prison.

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