Shocking Crimes Committed By Pregnant Women

Sometimes a woman's pregnancy can drive others to do crazy things like fake their own pregnancy or even murder somebody's child. But rarely do we hear about crimes committed by pregnant women. Sure, weight gain and hormone imbalance are stressful, but that can hardly justify pregnant women who murder.

What's interesting, though, is just how many pregnant women out there have broken the law while expecting. A pregnant woman isn't any more or less likely to stab somebody to death than anybody else, but there's still just a stunning amount of pregnant women crimes out there. The offenses of pregnant women can run the gamut from small misdemeanors to truly shocking, terrifying capital crimes - suffice to say, just because you're packing a baby, it doesn't mean you can't also be packing heat.

  • Amber Hilberling Pushed Her Husband Out A Window

    Amber Hilberling Pushed Her Husband Out A Window
    Photo: NBC News

    Amber Hillberling was sentenced to 25 years in prison back in 2011 for shoving her husband out of a window to his death. At the time of the trial, Amber claimed that she and her husband were having a fight, and she was afraid for both her life and the life of her unborn child. She pushed her husband out a window that was 25 stories up, only for him to land on a parking garage roof some 17 stories below.

    While the trial was going on, many questioned how she could have possibly mustered the strength to shove her much stronger husband out the window when she herself was seven months pregnant. Speculation led many to believe that he was working on the television or was otherwise completely unaware of what was about to happen, contrary to what Amber frequently claimed. Ultimately, the jury agreed that it wasn't a complete accident, and Amber went to jail.

    A few years later, she killed herself while still in prison.

  • Rochelle Margaret Hailey Robbed A Dominoes At Gun Point

    Hormones or not, pizza is delicious. That said, it's also pretty cheap, so not only is pizza pretty easy to acquire, but it's also hard to imagine that a pizza place would have tons of cash on hand. After all, most people order online or over the phone these days.

    But hey, maybe it was different back in 2009 when a pregnant Rochelle Margaret Hailey decided to rob a Dominoes Pizza at gunpoint in Augusta, GA. At a time when most people are asleep, Rochelle burst into the sleepy pizza joint at two in the morning and demanded money. The assistant manager went in the back and opened the safe. Rochelle grabbed what she could and ran.

    Being pregnant, Rochelle didn't get super far with the whole running thing, and she was apprehended by police fairly easily. Hopefully, she still managed to snag a slice of peperoni.

  • Charleatha Nevins Shot Her Husband Over A Credit Card

    Charleatha Nevins Shot Her Husband Over A Credit Card
    Photo: Fox 4 News

    In 2012, a pregnant woman in Kansas City named Charleatha Nevins was upset with her husband. Apparently something was wrong with their credit card. Midway through their argument, her husband left the house, so she hopped in her car and followed him for something like six blocks until he finally gave her the card. Even then, she continued to yell at him.

    But then, according to Nevins, her husband ran back to the car and started punching her. As he was hitting her, he apparently saw a gun in Nevins's lap and tried to grab it from her. During the struggle, the gun went off, killing Nevins's husband.

    The only problem with this story? The police reported no marks indicating she'd been struck nor any evidence indicating there was a struggle for a gun. And yet despite conflicting evidence, it Nevins only received four months in jail. Ironically, she was also four months pregnant at the time.

  • Jordan Alyse Gary Ran Over A Cop

    No matter how pregnant you are, it's never a good idea to run over a police officer with your vehicle. You'd think that'd be common knowledge but apparently not. 

    In 2016, pregnant South Carolina native, Jordan Alyse Gary, was in a loud argument with her boyfriend. It got so loud that the police were called to the scene with the apparent intent of arresting Jordan. Unfortunately for everybody, Jordan attempted to flee the scene in her car. The only problem was that a police deputy was in the way. She solved that problem in the worst way possible: by running the deputy over.

    Thankfully, the deputy survived the encounter, and Jordan was caught by other police who hadn't just been struck by a car driven by a woman playing real-life Grand Theft Auto.

  • Sung-Ann Choi-Lee Killed Her Husband, Slit Her Wrists, Then Gave Birth

    In 2004, a pregnant Staten Island resident, Sung-Ann Choi-Lee, went through what might be the craziest 24 hours anybody has ever experienced. All in the same night, Sung-Ann stabbed and bludgeoned her husband to death while he slept, slit her own wrists (presumably hoping to die), and then was rushed to the hospital so she could deliver her child via emergency caesarian section.

    When the police found her to take her to the hospital, they say she ''had a mist of blood all over her.'' They also found a bloody hammer and kitchen knife in the bedroom where Sung-Ann's husband had been murdered.

  • Natalie Williams Got Pregnant To Avoid Jail Time For Pedophilia

    Natalie Williams Got Pregnant To Avoid Jail Time For Pedophilia
    Photo: Facebook

    Natalie Williams wasn't technically pregnant when she committed the worst part of her crimes, but she still ended up that way. In 2013, this British woman used the combined allure of marijuana and sex to seduce a 14-year-old boy into sleeping with her. She took him to a hotel that had been paid for with the kid's family's stolen debit card, plied him with drugs, and had sex with him. Unfortunately for her, the boy's stepmother pretty quickly noticed the £1,000 charge to a four star hotel on the debit card. She couldn't find a Motel 6 somewhere?

    The weird thing is that after she was arrested, Natalie deliberately got pregnant via her new boyfriend in the hopes of dodging jail time, but it didn't save her. She still ended up in jail for over two years.